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Talley Machinery is a leading supplier of parts, equipment, rebuild and rigging services to the commercial laundry industry worldwide. With more than a century of manufacturing experience since its founding in 1902 and a stellar reputation for excellence, Talley expertly manufactures parts for flatwork ironers and other laundry equipment and rebuilds the machinery to OEM specifications or better.

Talley's team of parts analysts, machinists and installation professionals offers a unique combination of experience, expertise and dedication to service that is unmatched in the industry. From diagnosing ironer troubles over the phone to manufacturing and stocking both current and obsolete parts and personally installing every Talley machine, part and system safely and properly, Talley delivers as the reliable parts and equipment partner for laundries all over the world. Talley laundry machinery experts appraise equipment for sale and for complete liquidations with precision accuracy to ensure proper valuation and speedy resale.

Talley stocks thousands of spare parts and with its worldwide distributor network, Talley moves quickly to keep laundries up and running.

The modern, global logistics system and advanced CNC machining of today's Talley Machinery seem a giant step from 1917 when the company was named and a great leap from 1891 when founder John M. Dick setup Dick's Laundry with a horse and wagon. Later known as Dixie Laundry Machinery, the company had developed the finest washer technology in the world and contributed one advance after another for years. Their quality, reliability and dependable performance remain the hallmark of Talley today and for years to come.

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