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Your Talley Machinery sales rep offers a wealth of flatwork ironing and laundry equipment knowledge and expertise to help you keep costs low, productivity high and your operation up and running full steam ahead. Your personal Talley rep has earned unparalleled experience through years of hard work installing thousands of different parts and products and studying how they perform in different conditions. When your Talley rep recommends a replacement part, drive system, rebuild or other product or service, you can be confident it will result in better performance. You can even watch him install them personally so you know it's done right and done safely. Your Talley rep still makes house calls all day, every day.

Find Your Sales Rep
Talley Comes Through

"My ironer had what I felt was a minor programming issue but Randy (Vansparrentak), after driving 15 hours to get home, felt it could be a safety issue. He drove through the night to my plant to fix it. That's service above and beyond. And there are many times their reps have performed like this. They're just outstanding. If I need expertise, I know who to turn to."
Craig Klavon
Maintenance Manager
Aramark Uniform Services
East Moline, IL