Right Hand Drive Conversion

This flatwork ironer right hand drive conversion from Talley Machinery cuts energy demands and reduces parts wear to save on electricity and maintenance costs.

Soft Start Cuts Costs

The Talley Right Hand Drive Conversion for flatwork ironers features a breakthrough soft start inverter drive system. While ordinary, conventional drive systems literally damage your ironer every time it starts running, your new Talley system eliminates the abrupt, jarring startup action in favor of a gradual increase in the startup speed. This soft start spreads the acceleration over several seconds to safeguard the sprockets, gears and other components in the drive system. And when starting at zero RPM, it virtually eliminates the potential for costly startup wear. Costs for replacing worn parts, installation and downtime are cut substantially.

Talley's soft start also operates with less starting current for reduced reliance on peak usage electricity for quantifiable, direct savings on the utility bill.

Save on Idling Ironer

The Talley Right Hand Drive Conversion delivers unprecedented control over the speed of ironer operation. With the ability to select RPM from zero through to the maximum RPM on the fly, power consumption can be quickly cut when the ironer is idle or when running at low speeds.

The complete system can be installed in a few hours by an on-site technician or call 800.222.9954 to have your Talley representative install it.

Flatwork ironers like this Super Sylon and other American ironers are ideal for upgrading with the Talley Right Hand Drive Conversion
Flatwork ironer control with the Talley Right Hand Drive Conversion is easy with this color-coded, easy to operate control panel. The compact footprint saves precious space.