Talley Machinery remanufactures, rebuilds and restores flatwork ironers for laundry to original specifications or better. With the skill and experience of more than 100 years of laundry machine manufacturing and rebuilding, Talley rejuvenates your flatwork ironers to deliver higher performance with greater energy-efficiency than ever before possible.

At Talley's fully-equipped manufacturing center or at your laundry facility, Talley technicians dismantle the entire flatwork ironer system by system, part by part. Each individual part from the frame and rolls to the gears, chains and tiny drivetrain components is cleaned and carefully examined with both advanced inspection technology and the trained eye of experience. Worn parts are replaced or machined on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers while other parts without wear can be reused. When complete, your rebuilt flatwork ironer will perform as specified for years to come with less maintenance and higher productivity than before yet at a fraction of the cost of a new flatwork ironer.

Talley's Right Hand Drive Conversion, Raising Rig and other advances may be included during a rebuild. Adding these modern-day technology upgrades to an aging flatwork ironer boosts energy-efficiency, strengthens worker safety and cuts operating costs. Your enhanced, rebuilt flatwork ironer not only performs as well as when new but it performs like a new ironer designed and built today but at less cost.

For a free on-site inspection of your flatwork ironer, call 800.222.9954. Your Talley ironer technician can assess whether ironer performance can be improved with minor adjustments or if it warrants a complete rebuild. Call 800.222.9954.