"Randy (Vansparrentak) and his team at Talley understand how the quality and cost-saving advantages of our membranes can quickly impact the bottom line of any laundry using a press." - Tim Zaiser, Managing Director, Maxi-Press Elastomertechnik, GmbH

Talley Machinery stocks membranes for laundry extractor presses from Milnor, Lavatec, Kannegiesser, Ellis and Jensen-Senking and offers overnight delivery. As the exclusive distributor for Maxi-Press replacement membranes in North America, Talley is the source for the world's premier, technology-based extractor press membranes. These Maxi-Press membranes are manufactured in Germany from natural or synthetic rubber with a proprietary process that delivers the extra strength needed to thrive in high volume commercial laundry and on-premise laundries in 24/7 operation. The natural elastomer material also bounces back to the proper shape after each cycle. Your Maxi-Press membranes from Talley Machinery last longer than most OEM membranes while delivering comparable or superior, high performance throughout their extra long life.
  • Innovative ribbed surface prevents cake from sticking inside
  • Clear, white color protects linens from marking
  • Resists high pressures without distorting shape
  • Performs in temperatures up to 167 degrees F.

Maxi-Press membranes offer high durability, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, great tear resistance and low compression deformation. The unique touch-pressing surface ensures that the water is drained away, the laundry does not stick to the membrane and downtime is kept to a minimum.

Choose ideal rubber compound
Talley offers Maxi-Press in a choice of rubber compounds based on your linens. The 'XTNR' natural rubber in white or grey works well on all types of extractor presses. For cleaning of oil-stained linen or for presses with leaking oil seals, the synthetic rubber 'XTNBR' is recommended for its resistance to gasoline, oils and greases.

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  • Milnor
  • Lavatec
  • Kannegiesser
  • Ellis
  • Jensen-Senking
  • Passat